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Frequently Asked Questions

The doctors and dentists who refer patients to Dr. Evans are dedicated to their patients and have a keen understanding of the relationship between oral and whole body health.  They have high standards and expectations regarding their patients’ well-being.  They encourage their patients to research and educate themselves regarding dental health and understand dental service options. The following is a compilation of frequently asked questions and some typical responses referring physicians want their patients to discover. Patients need to identify a dentist who will welcome these types of questions, understanding that a well-informed patient will be a patient that will follow through and together, achieve more positive results.

The answers to these questions need to be patient specific, thus it is not the intention of this section to provide specific answers rather to promote further research to enable patients to make informed decisions and encourage them to seek answers that are best for them. Dr. Evans believes that informed patients ultimately know their own needs better than anyone else. He listens to them and honors their requests for healthier choices, which may ultimately lead to a happier more productive World where everyone benefits.

May I have a phone interview with you to ask a few questions and may I visit your office?

Do you request a complete medical and dental history?

How many patients do you see a day?

Is it true that a General Dentist may provide a greater range of services than a specialist? Will I be able to go to one source for all my potential service needs, both now and in the future? What are some other dental services I might consider?

How much time do you spend with each restoration or any other dental procedure?  How many teeth are you able to restore or how much work can be accomplished during my appointment?

What may I expect during an initial phone interview and an in-person consultation / exam?

How important is the patient's Input in a treatment plan?

Can you establish effective and efficient treatment plans for patients traveling great distances?

Will you provide me with a list of materials so that I may test for compatibility? 

What is your position on the mercury issue? What is your knowledge and experience with mercury?

Do you use a rubber dam when removing failing amalgam fillings?

Is your suction system powerful and efficient? 

Do you apply copious amounts of water to the filling upon removal?

Do you use magnification during procedures and if so, to what level of magnification?

Do you remove the failing metal mercury/amalgam filling in large sections?

Do you utilize alternative air sources and/or equipment to reduce mercury inhalation?

What type of anesthesia do you use and please explain why you prefer one over another? 

Do your patients have the option of being sedated during dental procedures? 

Are you knowledgeable about local anesthetics and their safety?

I am not happy with my smile.  Do you provide cosmetic dentistry? 

Do you perform Root Canal Therapy? 

Do you perform Metal Implants?

What is your training and knowledge of nutrition and do you understand of the uniqueness of each patient and are you open to working with other practitioners who are able to help me with protocols, procedures and monitoring of progress?

Do you keep in touch with your patients and follow up on their progress?

Do you recommend that I follow up with a health care practitioner and document my progress and report back to you?